Viaje For Your Traveling Solution

Viaje SuperApp provides convenience ways for travelers who want to rent an electric motorcycle in Bali. Viaje organizes the most efficient energy to support eco green friendly

  • Integrated with the entire ecosystem in Bali
  • Eco-Green Friendly

  • Based On Seamless & Advanced Technology

Viaje Ecosystem

The ecosystem empowered by Viaje includes as a means of transactions in convenience stores, Bali hotels, villas and homestay, tourism and cultural objects, sports tours, MSMEs, restaurants and clubs, transportation.

Tourist can easliy pay through the viaje pay without concerning about exchange rate fluctuation and provided the best tourism services from ecosystem partners.

Partners can gain more profits and faster settlement as there is no commision from intermediaris. More over, they can receive the rewards for their participation in the ecosystem.


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Fully secured digital wallet which combines blockchain technology, makes our payment life safer. All payments are stored in a decentralized form, making it simple and secure. Top up your balance with one of digital asset BSI Token.

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Completely simple, Convert BSI Token to Viaje Pay and Choose a merchants voucher


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